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Masterful Bathroom Privacy, Oxfordshire, England

Both the master ensuite and family bathroom in this stunning residential development are equipped with privacy smart glass, which combines architectural innovation with seamless, hands-free control.

Project Story

Clean, spacious bathroom design takes centre stage in this residential property with floor to ceiling double glazed windows featuring Privacy Smart Glass from Smartglass International.

In this luxurious residence, both the family bathroom and master ensuite have been equipped with privacy glass, which delivers instant opacity while also facilitating innovative design. As a result, the two bathrooms boast a spacious feel with matching, centrally positioned bathtubs, beautifully framed by full height windows.

Not only does this afford bathers a relaxing view of the greenery outside, but it also floods the room with light, allowing sunlight to emphasise the sleek marble tiling, even when the windows are opaque.

Instant privacy adds to the relaxing atmosphere thanks to the use of switchable glass. This elegant solution activates in under 0.1 seconds with no need for gadgets, switches or remotes as the switchable glass in this installation is linked directly to the property’s home automation system.

With seamless, hands-free control, users enjoy total privacy without the need for curtains or blinds. This ensures convenient control, along with clean lines and minimalist architectural details, to deliver both great aesthetics and practical functionality.

As this graceful design demonstrates, Privacy Smart Glass is ideal for bathrooms, but it can also be used in any residential or commercial project that requires instant privacy. All it takes is an electrical current to activate the smart glass properties, causing the glass to transition from transparent to opaque.

Smartglass is happy to work with installers, designers and clients to ensure design aspirations are met in full, and in this instance Smartglass worked with all involved parties to ensure compatibility with the customer’s home automation system.

Supported by a quick turnaround and competitive pricing, this collaborative approach ensures Smartglass International is a renowned leader in switchable glass solutions. For more information about this project or about adding smart glass to your home automation system, contact the Smartglass team today.

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Masterful Bathroom Privacy


Oxfordshire, England

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  • Privacy smart glass is utilized in two bathrooms located in Oxfordshire, England, allowing for immediate privacy with a flick of a switch.
  • In Oxfordshire, England, two bathrooms utilise privacy smart glass, allowing instant privacy control at the flip of a switch.
  • Instant privacy is made possible in both bathrooms of this modern house located in Oxfordshire, England, thanks to the use of privacy smart glass
  • Two bathrooms feature privacy smart glass, offering instant privacy at the flick of a switch.

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