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Why Switchable Smart Glass is a Smart Investment

Combining benefits such as superb aesthetics, improved privacy, and more privacy in both commercial and residential properties, switchable smart glass is a much sought-after technology that enhances a property’s design and functionality.


On a global scale, the use of switchable glass in homes and businesses increases by the day. But the slightly higher initial outlay required to invest in smart glass relative to other solutions such as blinds, curtains, and interior partitions deters some people from embracing the technology. The initial outlay required tells only part of the story however as is the case when assessing the inherent usefulness of any design technology. In the case of switchable smart glass, the list of long-term benefits that it provides to properties far outweighs the necessary investment to install it.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

With the global emphasis shifting towards environmentally sustainable solutions over the last decade, it is important that commercial and residential properties begin to incorporate energy efficient design solutions. Switchable smart glass is one such solution which can help to maximise the energy efficiency of a property.

Maximizing the energy efficiency of a property leads to some important benefits, including:

Long-term savings

The ability to control how much light enters a property using electrically switchable smart glass windows caters for long-term savings on energy bills such as electricity, air conditioning, and heating.

At the flick of a switch, smart glass turns fully opaque, which reduces the amount of heat entering a building and thus negates the need to rely on air conditioning systems to keep it cool during hot days. Furthermore, electricity bills can be reduced by adjusting the smart glass to allow a satisfactory level of sunlight through, which decreases the dependency on light bulbs to illuminate built environments.

Environmental Protection

The importance of protecting the planet’s environment isn’t solely an altruistic concern; an increasing number of legislative requirements globally necessitates the introduction of energy efficient building solutions. The energy efficient qualities of switchable smart glass provide the protection that the environment needs while helping to ensure legislative compliance.

 Increased Property Value

Any investment in a property – commercially or otherwise – is made with the underlying desire to have that building’s value appreciate over time. After all, smart investments should expect to return profits.

The installation of switchable smart glass windows and glass partitions can significantly increase the market value of commercial and residential buildings, ensuring that parties that need to sell their properties can get a suitable return on investment. This increase in valuation can be attributed to a number of important traits of smart glass, including:

  • The energy efficient properties of switchable glass helps to improve a building’s value as prospective buyers increasingly flock towards eco-friendly homes and businesses.
  • The functionality provided by switchable glass is a unique feature that could persuade potential buyers to choose one property over another.
  • Electrically switchable smart glass improves the aesthetic appeal of the properties that use it, which can convince interested parties to increase their own valuation of that building.
  • Modern buildings incorporate spaciousness as an important aspect of the interior aesthetic. Smart glass partitions and windows make modern homes and businesses seem more capacious than if they used large bulky blinds, curtains, or concrete internal partition walls. The crux of this is an increase in the value of a property.

 Simplify Maintenance

Adequate protective action against microbes is an important part of the maintenance of both businesses and households.  Surfaces need to be cleaned thoroughly with antimicrobial wipes to provide shields against pathogens that can cause illness. Furthermore, especially in commercial environments, maintenance costs quickly add up until they represent a substantial overhead.

Installing smart glass in a building means the occupants can take advantage of the antibacterial properties of switchable glass. The silver ions inside the glass react with bacteria on the surface and destroy each bacterium by incapacitating their metabolism and disrupting their ability to divide.

The end result is a marked reduction in maintenance costs compared to traditional surfaces that don’t use smart glass technology. The antibacterial properties also simplify the cleaning regimen, meaning it can be completed quicker and more efficiently.

The initial cost of smart glass pales in comparison to the long-term cost-effectiveness of its installation. By maximizing the energy efficiency of a building, increasing that building’s value and reducing maintenance costs, smart glass provides one of the most economically sound investments for the modern home or commercial property.

If you are considering installing smart glass in a residential property or business, request a quote here from Smartglass International’s expert team. To explore more about the benefits and applications of switchable smart glass and the important role of technology in residential and commercial design, read our informative blog posts.

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Discover the possibilities of switchable smart glass to create multi-functional
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Download Smartglass Brochure

Discover the possibilities of switchable smart glass to create multi-functional spaces that adapt to users' needs at the flick of a switch


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