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When Switchable Glass Meets Security Glass

The management of modern commercial buildings involves many important duties, not least of which is maximizing security to prevent break-ins and other safety breaches. One of the most common architectural practices used to increase the safety and security of commercial properties is the use of toughened security glass. However, installing security glass in a building doesn’t mean compromising on aesthetics. Switchable smart glass can be combined with a number of security glass products to provide a solution that meets security needs in a stylish way.

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Fire resistant glass

Fire resistant glass is itself an important addition to commercial properties, helping to protect valuable business equipment from fires in addition to slowing the spread of fire throughout a building so that the blaze’s effects can be minimized.

Fire resistant switchable privacy glass takes the positives of standard fire resistant glass and adds privacy at the flick of a switch with a modern, stylish aesthetic. Fire resistant switchable smart glass helps to safeguard valuable equipment such as IT systems. By changing the settings on glass partitions from transparent to opaque after normal office hours, businesses effectively get additional protection during break-ins as thieves will experience increased difficulty locating the most valuable equipment.

Attack resistant glass

Modern secure facilities such as prisons and psychiatric wards face the issue of trying to balance security with privacy. It is vital that staff feel safe and secure in their working environment while other building occupants receive a satisfactory level of privacy.

Switchable privacy glass partitions provide a superior privacy solution for such environments thanks to the ability to change the glass to an opaque state instantly. The addition of a layer of polycarbonate sandwiched between the glass panels strengthens its structure, making it attack resistant.

Walk-on glass

Walk-on glass is a type of fortified laminated glass with a durable anti-slip surface that has a number of external and internal applications in commercial buildings, including:

– Stylish glass stair treads or feature floors in bars and clubs
– Walk-on glass floors that improve branding with attachable laminated logos
– Overhead walk-on glass floors, roofs and walkways.

Walk-on glass provides market leading safety with its durable, anti-slip design. Walk-on glass combined with switchable glass technology adds enhanced functionality and privacy to commercial buildings. Switchable glass technology allows businesses to display branding on walk-on surfaces, and the option to change colour on demand caters for an improved interior aesthetic that brightens up any building. Furthermore, overhead walk-on glass surfaces can easily be changed to opaque to incorporate improved privacy.

Ballistic and blast resistant glass

Some commercial buildings have unique security challenges that require stronger security glass solutions. Ballistic glass is specially built to safeguard staff and assets from armed attacks while blast resistant glass protects the occupants of a commercial property in the event of an explosion by absorbing the shock and limiting airborne debris.

Ballistic glass can be used in buildings such as:

– Embassies
– Financial institutions, particularly banks
– Prisons and other secure units
– Police departments and military bases

Blast resistant glass is ideal for:

– Government buildings subject to terrorism threats such as parliament houses
– Rail stations and airports
– Chemical and nuclear plants

The functionality of ballistic and blast resistant glass can be improved by adding switchable glass technology to the equation. The above premises can benefit from the slew of advantages that come with installing switchable ballistic and/or blast-resistant glass, including:


Switchable smart ballistic and blast-resistant glass cater for better privacy in office environments while meeting security needs. The transparency levels can be instantly adjusted to opaque, giving employees seclusion when they need to concentrate on complex tasks.


Using switchable glass negates the need for curtains or blinds, which means office spaces can maintain a sophisticated and modern appearance.


The durable reinforced glass design of both ballistic and blast-resistant glass meets the enhanced security needs of certain businesses, while the switchable glass technology adds privacy and style for a balanced solution.

The expert team at Smartglass International specializes in providing an innovative design solution that incorporates durable security glass from their sister company Diamond Glass with switchable glass technology that seamlessly improves privacy and aesthetics. When switchable smart glass meets security glass, the ideal blend of style, privacy, and protection for modern commercial properties is achieved. Contact the Smartglass International team to request a quote for the innovative switchable security glass solutions we provide.

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Download Smartglass Brochure

Discover the possibilities of switchable smart glass to create multi-functional spaces that adapt to users' needs at the flick of a switch


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