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Full Glass Front Doors: Ultimate Privacy Hacks

Full glass front doors offer an excellent way to enhance both the exterior and interior aesthetic of a home by providing a unique design and allowing lots of natural light into the home. But standard full glass front doors come with the disadvantage of reducing privacy for homeowners.
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Switchable Smart Glass: Key Facts & Stats Infographic

Switchable smart glass is one of the most innovative and intelligent building technologies to emerge in the last decade.  Such is the growing popularity of this innovative technology that the smart glass market is set to reach $3.75bn by 2026, a compound annual growth rate of over 12%, as residential …

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How Smart Technology Can Transform Skyscrapers

The construction of skyscrapers is a huge industry. The number of skyscrapers being built is rising year on year, and this growth is expected to continue as cities look to become more modern and eye-catching with impressive skylines that attract tourists and businesses alike. The sums involved in constructing skyscrapers…
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How Smart Technology Will Revolutionize Shopping Centres

The tremendous growth of technology over the last two decades has benefited society in many ways, and one of the most promising applications of more advanced technology is in changing the offline shopping experience of customers. Already, many high-end shopping centres in China and the U.S. have implemented smart technologies…
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Smart Home Technology Trends 2017

In a technologically progressive world, smart home design features and gadgets are becoming more popular among homeowners who enjoy the added convenience of controlling home appliances and devices with their smartphones.
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The Sustainable Office: 6 Key Design Elements

A sustainable office design has gone from a "nice-to-have" to a "must-have" achievement. The question is no longer if business will incorporate sustainable design, but when. Thanks to new legislation, heightened corporate social responsibility and increased productivity, “greening” existing infrastructure has become an immediate action item for many companies anticipating…
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Why Switchable Smart Glass is a Smart Investment

Combining benefits such as superb aesthetics, improved privacy, and more privacy in both commercial and residential properties, switchable smart glass is a much sought-after technology that enhances a property's design and functionality.
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When Switchable Glass Meets Security Glass

The management of modern commercial buildings involves many important duties, not least of which is maximizing security to prevent break-ins and other safety breaches. One of the most common architectural practices used to increase the safety and security of commercial properties is the use of toughened security glass. However, installing…
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Despite still being early in 2019, it’s already becoming apparent that glass will be a key component of architectural designs in the year to come. Both commercial and residential architects are including more glass elements in their plans, for both the aesthetics and efficiencies offered. Below we outline some of…
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