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Blackout Glass and its 5 Key Applications

Blackout Smart Glass is a type of switchable smart glass technology that allows users to alter the appearance of the glass between transparent and blacked out at the flick of a switch. The glass offers four distinct states in the form of transparent, opaque, solar tinted and blackout.

This smart glass solution offers a host of benefits for both commercial and residential properties. From hospitals, high-sky scrapers, to home cinemas, this guide highlights the top applications for blackout glass.

Switchable Glass in a Hospital


Due to the nature of their work, hospitals and healthcare facilities are at a high risk from contamination and the spread of Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI). With an increasing focus on hygiene and patient privacy and security, more and more healthcare facilities are incorporating smart glass into their design plans. Switchable Smart Glass is ideal for hospitals, and offers a range of applications that improve hygiene practices, patient privacy and the functionality of rooms within the hospital.


Some hospitals have operating theatres with attached viewing rooms for doctors and medical students to observe the procedure. Patients might not always want such rooms to be used, thus preferring that their procedure remains private. With a switchable glass solution such as Blackout Smart Glass, hospital staff can cater to patient requests without the need for potentially infection-carrying blinds or curtains.


Total darkness is often necessary in X-ray rooms, scanner rooms, and laboratories during certain periods of the day when doctors and other staff are conducting tests. Blackout glass gives hospital staff the option to achieve total darkness at the flick of a switch when such rooms are in use, before returning the rooms to normal lighting conditions effortlessly.

Skyscraper Smart Glass

High-Rise Buildings

Architects and designers are increasingly incorporating smart technology into high-rise building designs to improve building operations and efficiency. The most popular amongst these modern technologies is the incorporation of switchable glass technology, as it is easy to use and offers numerous environmental and financial benefits. Blackout Smart Glass has a number of uses in the design of skyscrapers. Two of these key uses are heat management for the building and privacy.


Skyscrapers can be designed using switchable glass windows, in particular, solar-tinted blackout glass, to better manage heat. By switching the glass to solar-tinted mode, the inside of the building is protected from harmful UV rays and most of the sun’s heat, which reduces the need for expensive air conditioning units.

Additionally, during colder months the daylight can be maximised, providing adequate heat and reducing the reliance on electric heating systems, which is often a large expense in tall buildings. Learn how smart glass can manage heat and still allow sufficient amounts of natural light enter offices on our recent blog post.


Switchable smart glass in the form of blackout glass can be used as a sliding room partition to give interior business spaces a modern and sophisticated look, which is perfect for conference rooms and other important business locations.

An additional use of blackout glass within business settings is when it’s used as a replacement for traditional concrete walls, especially within conference rooms.  Blackout Smart Glass can easily create an environment suitable for on-screen presentations when they switch the glass to opaque mode. Transforming the traditional conference room into a stunning high-end room with superb presentation capabilities.

Smartglass in a luxury bedroom

Luxury Bedrooms & Hotel Rooms

Switchable blackout glass solutions provide the elusive and desirable combination of a modern, stunning interior aesthetic with on-demand privacy. For luxury bedrooms and hotels, designers can install blackout glass to function as windows, so that end users get instant privacy when they need it while also having the option to maintain their view of the outside world.

The unique blackout effect offered by blackout glass also improves people’s sleeping experiences. By completely blocking out lights from streets or other buildings at night time, the body releases more melatonin, which is a hormone that helps people sleep better.

Home Cinema smart glass

Home Cinemas

Blackout glass possesses unique characteristics that make it the ideal switchable glass technology for home cinema rooms. An important aspect of any room used as a home cinema is that light shouldn’t be able to enter the room. Blackout glass provides an on-demand blackout effect that achieves the goal of blocking out any light.

As part of growing trend towards the increased use of switchable smart glass in building design, blackout glass is a unique type of electric glass that has multiple applications. Smartglass International are proud to be the only provider of this switchable glass solution that offers complete privacy and light control at the flick of a switch.

To learn more about our Blackout Smart Glass product, contact the Smartglass International team today.

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Discover the possibilities of switchable smart glass to create multi-functional
spaces that adapt to users’ needs at the flick of a switch.

Download Smartglass Brochure

Discover the possibilities of switchable smart glass to create multi-functional spaces that adapt to users' needs at the flick of a switch


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